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The Challenge

A trial consulting firm needed to conduct non-traditional focus groups for their mock jury trial. Due to the distinctive nature of their specific case, it was imperative for them to gather insights from mock juror thinking that were likely to be unique to Hispanic culture. The consultants elected to conduct two groups with eight Hispanic respondents in each group. The plan was to have an open discussion about the case while the moderator presented exhibits. A challenge was that the deliberation conversations would take place in the Spanish language but the trail consultants wanted their client observers to be able to listen to a live English translation in real time.

The Solution

Civicom’s multi-language capabilities created an environment where both language goals were able to be achieved successfully. With having conducted thousands of focus groups globally each year, Civicom has the expertise, flexibility and technical platforms necessary for focus groups in virtually any language needed, and exceptional skills in facilitating simultaneous translation into English or another language.We set up our two-channel audio line which allowed the translator to listen and translate live in real time while also enabling the viewers to choose which language they wanted to hear in the moment.

What We Arranged

We set up a client demo prior to the project launch to exhibit the flexibility of Civicom’s platform and service team expertise in handling multi-language projects. We set our focus group platform language to appear in Spanish so that the mock jury participants would have a more comfortable experience in joining the sessions. Civicom’s internal bi-lingual Spanish support team also provided the expertise for us to conduct participant tech checks in Spanish, in advance and with ease, to prepare the participants ahead of time. A separate practice session was conducted with the translator to get the translator familiarized with how our dual channel audio system works.


As a result of Civicom expertise, both the trial consultants and their clients, along with the Spanish-speaking mock jurors, had a trouble-free experience even though there were multiple variables involved in the project.

Collaborative Solution
Finding the right platform that can cater to your exact needs can be difficult, especially if you are trying to orchestrate a non-traditional project. Civicom’s expertise and experience can help you strategize on how to successfully execute your focus groups and make you look your best in front of your clients. We understand the capabilities of our online platform and how to manage it, to assure you have a smooth sailing experience.

Support That Is Second To None
Participant readiness is one of the most important variables in conducting a successful mock jury focus group. Civicom’s tech check method does more than ensure that our technology works. We also see to it that your mock jurors are well aware of what is expected of them and what to anticipate from the upcoming event. This process has proved to increase show rates in all of the mock jury focus groups that we have facilitated.

Focus On Gathering Insights
Managing a project with a lot of moving parts can be complicated at times. In this project, Civicom set up its platform to cater to what the client needed to achieve on behalf of their clients and conducted practice sessions for the moderator and translator. In-the-moment problem solving support was provided. Having a dedicated team who will handle everything for you can make a big difference and will definitely help you direct your focus more on gathering insights rather than dealing with logistics. Civicom is with you from start to finish and we are always ready to support you every step of the way.