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Additional Services

Civicom Family of Services

We understand that every project is unique.  That’s why we offer a range of products and services that will meet the needs of even the most challenging of projects.

Project Curation
(Glide Central™)

Our online platform for content curation and management lets you organize and edit legal files such as audio or video presentation of arguments and evidence more efficiently in order to easily locate and analyze case value and key findings later on.

With our project management system’s seamless way of handling audio and video data, multiple organizational pain points will be solved and taken care of. Furthermore, our team is always ready to support you in any way and help you manage your documents and projects smoothly.

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We offer a seamless experience in delivering quick, affordable, high-quality voice-to-text legal transcriptions that is immediately deliverable to lawyers, attorneys, and other legal professionals. Our professional transcribers and editors work well together to transcribe audio and video recordings accurately and make sure that every document is presented in your preferred format.

Our team is also HIPAA-compliant and is generally under a strict culture of confidentiality making us more than capable of handling sensitive information.

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Meeting Minutes

We can also provide meeting summaries of your online mock trials. We have seasoned transcribers and editors ready to transcribe recordings of mock trials in an accurate and timely manner, following a strict rule of confidentiality.

Case summaries and meeting minutes are important in mock trial consultants as they contain overviews and other significant details important to the case. Make sure you align yourself with a transcription service that is more than capable of handling recordings with legal matters and sensitive information.

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We understand the role of translators in court and how crucial it is in terms of justice prevailing or not. That being said, we are here to provide translation services for a range of legal purposes. We can provide simultaneous translations in your online mock jury trials, and equip you with a dual channel audio webroom in over a dozen languages. Our translation services will make sure that language will not be a barrier when it comes to court and legal purposes.

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We offer recruitment services to help you gather citizens who are representative of the jury pool. Our extensive experience means we will specifically recruit individuals who closely resemble an actual jury in terms of ethnicity, gender, age, social class, etc. We work closely with clients to know their preferences and the necessary requirements for various mock trials. We make sure to collaborate and communicate throughout the whole process to deliver the best jury pool for your online trials.

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Choose Mock Jury Trials Online

Our services are tailored to meet any of your mock jury trial needs.  From our proprietary audio conferencing technology, to our project curation system, our team of well-trained technicians will be with you every step of the way.