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How It Works

Presentation Types

Mock Jury Trials Online offers two types of online presentations:  Live Online Mock Trails or Self-Paced Asynchronous Mock Trails. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

Live Online

Mock Trials

Through Civicom’s CyberFacility’s proprietary audio and video technology and its multiple tools, you can facilitate live online mock trials and view yourself afterwards from the streaming media file that we will provide after the session.


Mock Trials

Civicom’s Chatterbox is an online research platform for self-paced mock trial presentation, questionnaires and surveys. We know that the results of these solutions play a critical role in providing you with the insights to create your client report.

Our Deliverables

Aside from receiving a copy of your mock jury trial recording,
we also offer a range of products and services that can help you and your project.

Audio and Video Recordings

Glide Central project curation platform will allow you to access all the audio and video files recorded from the live online mock jury trial in a single avenue for playback and analysis. You can either request downloadable video files that you can save to your archive or let us save it on our end.


Transcripts are important tools for legal professionals and trial consultants during cross-examination. This way, you are certain that the participants’ testimonies remain consistent all throughout the case. We will provide you with transcripts to help you cross-reference items and to make sure everything is well-documented.


It’s critical that statements obtained during trials are accurately understood and translated. Inaccurate translations can lose some of the urgency coming from the original source and may completely lose its meaning in court. We make sure none of that happens by providing simultaneous translation and translation of audio and video recordings.

Word Clouds

Chatterbox™ offers word clouds as part of the survey results. If you collect insights and feedback from your participants, you’ll be able to generate word clouds using your mock jurors’ language to help identify their pain points and what values are important to them.

Video Clipping Tool

As soon as your recordings are loaded into our project curation platform (Glide Central), you can start tagging them using keywords, edit, clip, and stitch these files into storyboards so as to make the analysis process less overwhelming than it already is.

Chatterbox Reports

Data tables and visual charts are generated from responses received through Chatterbox. View results as they are submitted – no need to wait for the survey to end. Data tables and charts can be generated in multiple formats (images, PDFs, spreadsheets).

Online Poll Results

Results from your online polls (during self-paced or live session) are compiled by the support team and will be provided upon request. We can also arrange the use of your existing polls if you already have it setup on a different service.

Timestamp with Markers

You have the option of requesting for time stamps within your transcripts.  These time stamps and markers indicate where in the audio or video a particular text is found. Time stamps are placed at intervals based on the frequency of your choice.

And many more!

If you have a specific need, let us know!  We’d be happy to assist you.

Survey Capabilities

Civicom’s Chatterbox is utilized to engage mock jurors to gain honest and actionable insights for your mock trials of any size and duration. We will modify your polls, surveys, or questionnaires according to how you want them to appear to your participants.

This platform can accommodate masking participants from each other, or you can have them interact with one another. We will send all the participants, including your team, their login credentials to make sure that everyone is registered and in the system.

We can work with any legal survey software of your choice.
You can program the survey or we can do it for you.

What You Need To Get Started

Conducting your mock jury trials online is easy!


Presentation Type

Choose from Live or Self-paced Asynchronous

Select Participant Size

Let us know how many participants you wish to include.

Content Types

Does your presentation require live video presentations, survey capability, etc?

Timing and Scheduling

Let us know when you plan to conduct your presentation.
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